Write an application that interfaces with an input &/or output device that you made, comparing as many tool options as possible

Making a new force sensing board

I learned from my previous experience with the force sensors that a wheatstone bridge wasn’t going to work for the velostat-based approach I wanted to use. This week I updated the board to use a simple voltage divider. I did some simple tests using the Hello World code before attempting the task of making a visualization of this in an app.

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Using Google Cloud and GAE-init

I chose Google Cloud and GAE-init after a fair amount of failed starts for the application programming portion of the week. One of the reasons I chose this was because I am interested in learning more Python. I looked at Tkinter, Processing, Qt, Rails, SciPy, D3, Unity, and Grasshopper this week. I ended up going down a pretty deep hole of exploration and web application development rather than taking and representing serial data in an interface. I ended up creating a default web app which I should be able to use to record pull-up data to in the final project but this was probably the wrong place to focus this week. I definitely fell behind this week.

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