Elizabeth Carré

Week 13


On this project since I'll been so behind on programming boards, I really took the time to figure out what commands I was missing in terminal that kept on providing me with failed board installations. I was finnaly able to program the bridge and to node boards successfully. ( Provide Link) And I looked through the code, However by the time I started implementing the code I had one at a time. http://fab.cba.mit.edu/classes/863.16/section.CBA/people/Smith/week12.html

Quiet day at the beach. Cold, but beautiful Waiting for the bus in the desert Nature again.. At its finest!

At this point i was ready to give up. have been having trouble with programing boards and clearly, had no idea what commands to, but after some more help from Jonah, I was able to program my baords. However at this point, I had run out of time for programing the board. .

Canoeing again A girl, and a train passing What a beautiful day!