Elizabeth Carré

Week 8


Mold Making and Casting

I'm not unfamiliar with the process of mold making casting. Last semester I spent all the spring semester making skin safe molds with Reynolds products and casting the products in plaster. That's why I was confident that this project would take much time or require much new skill for me. This is where I was wrong. The initial creation of the model took longer than anticipated. And with the aid of the monitor on Monday night, the CNC mill settings were off, and as a result the wax box I used was broken. I had to reassemble it with scrap pieces from other projects in order to create the wall between side a and B of the model before I poured the dry stuff mixture.

I had hoped that I might be able to create a holder for data fruits multifunction chip, as seen above in the first photo. I designed a container that also had a topic that might be diffusible if cast with clear silicon, so that one I was editing code I had already was established where it was required I monitor the frequency of light pulsating the cover of the container would protect my eyes from the brightness of the LED lights on the chip. At the same time the container could rest on my laptop without fear of shorting this $20 computer chip necessary for my work. Unfortunately due to time conflicts I was unable to work with the TA's or with Jen the shop manager, and the millwork I did broke the mold that I had designed.

Quiet day at the beach. Cold, but beautiful Waiting for the bus in the desert Nature again.. At its finest!

At this point I was ready to mill again, in order to fix the mistakes that were made by the first attempt. But it was suggested me to just push forward with the mold that I had in order to get the assignment complete. I attempted to repair the damage done by the CNC machine with and hot glue gun and some miscellaneous pieces of wax. It worked and I was ready to start casting my molds and dry stone.

Canoeing again A girl, and a train passing What a beautiful day!

I completed my work after a few hours, by making the so-called mold, finding that the two halves is not fit together and then editing the silicone mold. Once satisfied with the edit I started mixing the dry stone mixture with the help of Soma, and cast by a mold.

Canoeing again A girl, and a train passing What a beautiful day!