Group Project

This week the Harvard section banned together to create a machine. See the full classes documentation. For this week, I originally signed up to be part of the machining week. But since I was unable to make it when the original machining of the parts took place I moved to more of a role in the assembly group. This week I built the frame for the machine. Joe was very helpful and guided us through how to build a frame using 2x4s and framing nails. We started with a rectangular base, which was pretty wobbly. We added braces between the joints, which sort of fixed the issue.

We added verticle supports for the anchors, which we also braced.

To cut all the pieces to the correct size we used a framing saw to cut the pieces at the desired angles. After a good arm work out of nailing, the frame was complete and the rest of the assembly team put the finishing touches of putting the whole machine together.