How To Make (almost) Anything

CAD Modeling
    Notching with Rhino & Grasshopper (video)

Health and Safety
   How to read a Safety Data Sheet, for beginners
   PPE tips for working with corrosives and skin sensitizers

   SDS for materials on the fab inventory:
   Entropy Resins
      Super Sap CLR Epoxy, Super Sap CLX Hardener, Super Sap CLF Hardener, Super Sap CLS Hardener
      Super Sap ONE Epoxy, Super Sap ONF Hardener
      OOMOO 25 Part A and Part B, Mold Max 60 Part A and Part B, Smooth-Cast 305 Part A and Part B
      Smooth-Cast 326 Part A and Part B, Universal Mold Release, Ease Release 205
      So-Strong Colorant, Sorta-Clear 37
   US Gypsum Company:
      DryStone, Hydro-Stone Super X
      Mann Technologies Ease Release 200 (also a Smooth-On product), SC Johnson Fine Wood Paste Wax, Gorilla Glue

     Simple button-LED programs in C. 

Version Control
    Last Year's Git Tutorial
    Git Recitation