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wildcard week: embroidery

design flow

this week was super fun! here's a more fleshed out page of what everyone did this week. i was focusing quite a bit on the final project, so this week was just a toe-dipper into the world of digital embroidery...

this week i felt was a great time to start on christmas gifts, and my Pops made me a onsie when i was younger, so i wanted to feature something they made in something i made them...

i took this image and did some doodling over the contrasting edges. my eyes looked creepy so i made them into hearts. i traced over the picture on my iPad with a pen, but Tom uses Rhino to trace over background images and this would've also been very traceable in illustrator.

i followed Tom's PE Design 6 tutorial (and recieved help from Tom & Agnes). PE Deisgn 6 requires a windows platform, so i'm running vmware to host a Windows OS.

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