Greg Dennis - NMM

Bouncing Balls
Bouncing Ball Applet (
Bouncing Ball EPS
Bouncing Ball Java 3D (,

Random Variables and Stochastic Processes
Uniform Random Number Generator (
Transformed Uniform RNG (
1D Random Walkers Applet (

Interface to a multiset (or "bag") of words (, (
Tree-based Implementation of WordBag (
Hash-based Implementation of WordBag (
Common Word Finder Applet (, (, (

Slides on Alloy, Dynamical Systems Lit Review, & Sorting as Optimization (nmmreport.ppt)
Alloy model (sort.als)

Search and Optimization
Nelder-Mead Sources (, (, (, (
Spin Glass Sources (, (

Kernel Methods
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Information Theory
Kalman Filter with 10-1 standard dev of system noise (kalman1.gif)
Kalman Filter with 10-3 standard dev of system noise (kalman3.gif)
Kalman Filter with 10-5 standard dev of system noise (kalman5.gif)

Fault Tolerance
Bit Error-Rate Curve

Convex Relaxations
Problem 1

Final Project
Presentation (PPT)
Code for CNF Stuff
Code for Regression