will langford


Proposed Applications

Application What/Why? Challenges

Desktop Wire-EDM complex metal parts on your desktop spark gap control, electrical
Micro-Punch Press sub-milimeter silicon laser micro-machined tool, efficient mass production of small parts tool/die alignment
Pocket CNC Mill a PCB mill that can fit in your pocket, small structural loop micro-spindle, closed loop DC motor control
Desktop Micro-Press-Brake/Progressive-Stamp-Press Paired with the Oxford Laser, could produce very intricate folded 3D metal parts. holding/manipulating small parts

Proposed Capabilities

Capability What/Why? Challenges
Piezo Linear Inchworm Actuators efficient method of micro-actuation high-voltage control signal generation, flexure design
High-speed spindle (~100,000 rpm) BLDC motors are now cheap, efficient, and powerful. bearings, runout
Closed Loop BLDC Gimbal Motor for Position/Force Control Gimbal motors are high torque and low speed. Would enable force control applications. encoding/poition sensing, high frequency control loop

CBA 2015