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Machining Reference Page

This page is for documentation of machining processes. I've worked as a machinist and engineer for many types of manufacturers/shops with many types of machines. Most of my experience is with 3 axis milling machines.

I've broke hundreds of bits, destroyed spindles, milled through vacuum tables, and caused or witnessed many other types of errors. The idea is to document some general working speeds/feeds as well as other general information about machining that may help to avoid disasters. This information could also be useful when designing machines and/or making parts.

This page will be divided into two parts:

  • feeds/speeds (machine specific setting)
  • descriptions of machines and tooling

    Another project I'm working on is building a database of CNC machined joints for connecting parts.

    machine material thickness depth of cut bit diameter bit type feedrate spindle RPM image/video
    Shop Bot plywood .5" .5" .25" 2 flute downspiral 60in/min 8,000 ...


    end mill

    ball end mill

    down spiral

    up spiral

    compression spiral

    fly cutter

    aggregate head