03. 3D Scanning & Printing

We have phase modulation technique and digitizer arm for 3D scanning, Stratasys and Zcorp machines for 3D printing.

Phase modulation is done with Minolta Vivid 910 3d scanner. It looks like very old cameras that people used to use in photo studios. There is a tutorial by Ben Dalton for using this scanner. The Geomagic Studio software handles high resolution (nanosecond/inch) scanned images. There are some tutorials for Geomagic Studio.

Zcorp for color.

.stl, vrml, vrml2

Stratasys is printing...

The scanned pine cone

The pine cone

Because of its symmetric form, it seems easy to merge the scanned parts.

But it is almost impossible to fill the holes in this point cloud.

A close shot.

Extreme close shot.

Working with a smooth surface like human face is easier.

A close shot to the point cloud of my face.