10. Micro Fabrication

Richard P. Feynman has introduced the idea of micro scales in 1959 with his talk "There's Plenty Room at the Bottom" at Caltech. The first micromotor (in the size of a speck of dust) has been developed by William McLellan in 1960.

+ Now Micro-Electric Mechanical Systems (MEMs) are used in chips,in micro circuitry, as a mechanical securtiy key for nuclear power plants, and quantum computing. Also see Microsystems Technology Laboratories at MIT. It's has many 2d applications, 3d is harder and it is mostly in the area of biotechnology. Basic fabrication processes such as micro-level cutting, drilling, milling strpping is done by Resonetics micromachining laser system.

A shot from the microscope, this is the masked micro metallic form.

Measurement in the software.

Mask used to produce the micro form. Laser beams pass through this mask and cut the metal.

+ Process defines the form in the micro fabrication. Some amount of information should come together from material science, electronics, physics, and mechanical engineering for a sucessful process. For example, you should know What happens when the photon hits the material... 3d forms can be implemented by adding 2d layers, or by subtracting parts from a material. Material can be polymer, metal, or seramic.

Width of the laser, in different densities. The mask should fit into this size, araoun 1x1cm.

+ Make a mask in large scale, shrink it by UV, and build again by microlevel laser cutting.

+ Most of the time a freestanding structure is useful to work on another structure.

Inside shot of the Resonatics micro machining laser system.

+ Confocal imaging is a method for grabbing visual data from micro components. Slicing the object optically by using a pinhole, a regular camera lens, a laser source, a video camera and a software to put the data together...

+ The microscopists dream: 5D imaging (x, y ,z, time, multiple channels)

- Is it possible to use micro geometry for expression if you have microscopes in your glasses. May be one should watch the microcosmos again... I wonder if silence has something to do with microscales...