Jack is a first year Media Lab MS students in the Tangible Media Group directed by prof. Hiroshi Ishii. Jack’s vision is to make tangible artifacts embedded seamlessly with responsive behavior, through the development of programmable materials and ways to fabricate them, to make engaging human-material interfaces that utilize the emotional power of touch. Jack sees a future where these adaptive interfaces are ubiquitous, where every material is able to accept and respond to the change that is constantly flowing through us.

Previously, Jack received his B.S. from Carnegie Mellon University, where he double majored in Materials Science and Biomedical Engineering. During that time, Jack was a researcher in the Morphing Matter Lab, directed by prof. Lining Yao. There he worked on developing methods for two-way shape transforming textiles using shape-changing threads (CHI 2019).

When not in the lab, Forman can be found in a yoga class, on a rock wall, or making too many puns.

Department: Media Lab:Tangible Media Group
Degree: MS Media Arts & Sciences
Year: First year graduate