day/night mask is an opacity changing eye mask that wakes you up with natural sunlight when you want it. The mask warms your eyes to help you fall/stay asleep, and an accelerometer attached to the mask monitors your sleep to find the best time to wake you up. The opacity change is achieved with use of the material Poly(N-isopropylacrylamide) (PNIPAM), a biocompatible hydrogel that changes rapidly deswells at 32 degrees celsius (right around skin temperature). While the deswelling property is a major area of exploration in drug delivery, the opacity change that the hydrogel also experiences is overlooked. The effect is achieved by integrating the hydrogel into conductive fabric, and sealing in a plastic laminate. A snooze button can be found on the side of the mask.

Tools: Lasercutter, Vinyl Cutter, Fusion360
Date: 09.11.2019

In order to generate a contoured eye mask, I first downloaded a cad model of a face from GrabCad and loaded it into Fusion360. Then I generated a surface above the face and used the push feature to match it to the face.

The first attempt was beautiful, it was fascinating to use CAD as an approachto form finding. Although aesthetically pleazing, it had folds in the surface that I didn't like. In order to fix this I played around with the amount of nodes until I found a form without folds that I was happy with.