Networks & Communication

This week I made a Wifi/Bluetooth board using a ESP-32 board.

Tools: Kicad, SRM-20, Soldering
Date: 11.20.2019


This week, since I still was mulling over my final project board design, I decided to try working with a versatile board that I could use later on depending on my implementation. In order to do this I decided to go with a ESP-32, a WiFi and Bluetooth board that can suite a wide range of applications.

I knew I would remake a board with a netowkrin device on it, and I wanted to make sure I had something working. So I decided to go with Neil's ESP-32-WROOM example board. Which I milled as usual.

Once milled, I began soldering the board onto PCB. I found using lots of flux, getting a droplet of flux on the soldering iron, then swiping over the traces was a really effective approach for nice solder joints.

Once soldered, I was able to connect to the board and get things working! However, I forgot to take a video! (It will be working in my final project, so don't worry)