Mechanical Machine Design

This week, in a group effort, we built a CNC apple lathe!

Tools: Fusion 360, Prusa, Finalcut Pro
Date: 11.27.2019


Ah machines week, everything is beautifully documented here, so I will just focus on my contribution here.

After a group meeting we decided to go with a computational apple lathe (not too complicated, no direct complication, and even if it does a really bad job it is still funny). I had an apple spiralizer as a kid and was always totally fascinated with them. I made sure we were all on the same page aesthetically, everything all white, going to be sold as an apple product.

My first main responsibility was to integrate on jake’s rotational motor design to hold and apple. I ended with this, which used three secured nails to rotate the apple. I then spent a lot of time trying and retrying 3D prints until they worked. Eventually they did!

I also designed a end effector that could be used to spiralize the apple, but we never had time to try it.

Finally, the night before everything was due, I made sure to do my service to the documentation. I started filming this video at 12:30 pm the night before and 7 hours later the video at the top of the page was engendered.