Sketching Up Final Project Designs

Week 0

This week we had to sketch up/think about what we wanted to do for our final project. I've been getting increasingly interested in climbing so I was thinking I could build a climbing wall for my dorm. Especially useful during these COVID times.

Tools: Pen & Paper! Fusion!
Date: 9.9.2020

Ok, well the first thing I did was just follow along with a CAD tutorial. I did my best to keep up!

My first attempt at a sketch of a hangboard idea... Don't worry they'll get much better! Hangboards are used to increase finger strength in climbing. Normally you just hang off of them on increasingly smaller holds or with more weight (or with less/more fingers and different positions/holds). Training on them normally includes timing your hang and rests in between to do sets (like you might do for any other workout)

I also got to thinking I could make a full climbing wall in my room that would ideally be lightweight and portable and span about a 8ft x 8ft vertical space. The wall could also be overhung. The idea would be to make something like this, but a bit smaller and more portable(this is my friend Emma's wall!). Also with some electronic components

My first attempt at a free form climbing hold with a bit of an indentation at the top of it, but I'm not sure how to finish it and actually make it a volume. Also it's just weird, I will have to spend more time working on this later for sure.

C = E0*Er*A/d

E0 is the permitivity of free space, Er is relative permitivity or dielectric constant and A is the area of the plates (d is the distance between them). With a touch sensor there is only one plate and C0 is the environments capacitance. CT is the touch capacitor formed by the human's finger. The change in capacitance is measured to be able to detect a finger. And somehow I'll fit that into the hold, Maybe around the hold? (Information taken from