Hi my name is Alejandro! I am currently taking 6.943 How to Make (Almost) Anything. I am a 4th year Senior undergraduate student at MIT, trying to get comfortable in a machine shop and bringing projects to life! I haveve taken other project-based classes like 6.115 and 6.111 gaining know-how of electronics, PSOCs and FPGAs. I am also minoring in Environment and Sustainability and Latin American studies. I combining cool ideas and bringing projects to life with my passion for the environment and sustainability

I hail from California, where there are currently way too many fires. I am heavily invested in the MIT Outdoors Club at MIT as well as several Sustainability clubs and initiatives. Furthermore, I work on research creating an evaporative vegetable cooler for use in low-income communities in Kenya. This work is done with Eric Verploegen in the Development Lab.

When not in the lab, I can be found in a random yoga position, 20ft high on a wall climbing, 10 miles away running, eating all the food in front of me, or maybe working...

Degree: Electrical Engineering & Computer Science
Minors: Environment & Sustainability, Latin American Studies
Year: 4th Year Undergraduate Student