Networking and Communications

Week 11

Group assignment: compare as many tool options as possible (The group assignment is here). Individually we have to write an application that interfaces a user with an input &/or output device that we made

Tools: PCB Mill (Clank), Soldering Iron, KiCad, AJAX, JS
Date: 12.2.2020

This week I just wanted to continue on from last week with the esp32 and communicate with a server and be able to dynamically change a webpage.

First I looked at my friend Evan's page where he used a web interface

However, I want to be able to dynamically change things on my way page so I decided to try to use AJAX (Asynchronous JavaScript And XML) and followed this tutorial

For reference my final code for the work done on this page can be found here: my index.h file and my .ino file. Make sure that the index.h file is in the same folder as your .ino file when you run it!

My first crack at it was basically just using the existing code from the tutorial.

I then updated the code and added in capacitive sensing code using the touchread function that is built into the esp32 library. I got good enough resolution that I am confident I'll be able to sense hands that are inches away from the sensor. Below I have the web interface that dynamically updated

Here you can see me testing the capacitive sensor and the website updating (updates happen every 2 seconds). The values start around 55 and drop to 44 when I get close and finally drop to around 10 when I fully touch the aluminum foil.