Output Devices

Week 9

This week our group assignment is to measure the power consumption of an output device(The group assignment is here). Individually we have to add an output device to a microcontroller board we've designed, and program it to do something

Tools: PCB Mill (Clank), Soldering Iron, KiCad
Date: 11.4.2020

For the ATTINY 1614 pinout see the picture below and the link for that info is here.

I run this to upload my code
python3 pyupdi.py -d tiny412 -c /dev/tty.usbserial-AR0K4XLQ -b 57600 -f ~/Documents/Arduino/build/HTMAtest.ino.hex -v

You can run the following to look at all your ports
> ls /dev

I run this to talk to my Arduino over UPDI
python3 -m serial.tools.miniterm /dev/tty.usbserial-AR0K4XLQ 115200

Thankfully this time with the 1614 I won't run into memory problems, which should make things easier

Using an RGB LED this week so had to pull up the technical document to look at the diagram and make sure that I soldered it in right

Tx pin from the USB to Serial goes across the 4.7k resistor on pin 3 below. Pin 4 is RX. Pin 1 is TX, Pin 2 is RX for communicating with the computer, so just move the TX/RX lines two up when you want to do so

When programming: "Serial.swap(1) or Serial.swap(0) will set the the mapping to the alternate (1) or default (0) pins."