About Me

Hi there! I am a sophomore at Harvard majoring in Mathematics and Computer Science. I enjoy solving math problems, building miscellaneous electronics projects, and going on hiking trips.

My primary fabrication background is in electronics: I love working with circuits and have designed my own PCBs; I've had lots of experience with digital circuits and programming microcontrollers, whether it be from using ARM chips (e.g. Teensy) and powerful SBCs to the diminutive ATtiny10 chip which has so few bytes of RAM it might as well be a rounding error. I've also become particularly interested in pure analog design in the context of analog synthesizers, and I've been experimenting with my own analog sound generation circuits.

I'm now looking to learn larger-scale manufacturing techniques and want to experiment with metalworking. I recently became quite interested in motorsports, and I've been sketching out ideas for a custom drift car build from the engine up.

Follow along as I tackle MIT Media Lab's infamous How to Make (Almost) Anything course!