jerome arul

makes (almost) anything

interface and application programming

so i like the DSKY
from the Apollo Guidance Computer

• rope core memory
• aluminum

here's a cool Arduino AGC simulator, and it looks like the TFT module i have.

but i'm a terrible programmer,
so i'm just gonna fiddle with colors
on the TFT

DSKY on Apollo Guidance Computer (wikimedia)

an Arduino AGC simulator (by Arduino Team)

adafruit arduino phone

charge the LiPo

it's alive

the TFT module is part of an Adafruit Arduino-Phone kit.
which is a stack of 3 PCBs and a battery.
• Metro M0 (SAMD21), but same footprint as Arduino Uno
• FONA shield, with SIM800H
• TFT (resistive touch) shield on top

gotta dig up the project
and first charge the battery

after remembering where the reset buttons were
it's alive!
with the sample sketch

• i don't have a spare sim card
• i think the resistive touch doesn't work

mill the AGC case

i forgot to take pictures of milling it!

insert "facing" pun

10-24 bolts
0.1495 for tapping
13/64 thru-hole

tapping holes

install some libraries
Adafruit Metro, which also uses a SAMD21

Copy and paste the link below into the Additional Boards Manager URLs option in the Arduino IDE preferences.

add to board manager:
• arduino samd
• adafruit samd

Tried uploading to Metro M0 board, but got a error
Arduino Uno works.

oh borges

fiddle with buttons and colors

color of button

button coordinate, dimension and spacing

this feels safe over here, try not to break anything

lay it out

background color, row number

color palette, wider button

similar layout, new colors

so need to work on that touch screen functionality


hello? is this space?


is this long distance?