jerome arul

tries to make (almost) anything


make a human

so it's the first day of fall, sitting in e14-633,
watching neil's muppet sing "oh baby, i like you documenting like that..."
when my wife texts me.
her contractions have become regular.
i gotta finish watching this muppet song. then I run out of class and drive home.

my son was born the next morning.
and so for extra credit, i present this human.


person = 1013 cells*105 ribosomes/cell*1 Hz = 1018 parts/sec = 100 supercomputers/sec
   source: neil @ cba


here's some other stuff about me:

• i listen to ☇☇☇ on the way to work
• i'm a generalist / design engineer; i enjoy working in metal
• i'm a grad student @ mit idm
• i teach digital fabrication @ risd id
• i once helped build a car in kenya
• i play the drums; i like the ouside

octet lattice node, 2020
6061 aluminum
3 x 3 x 3in

more of my work here