Kimball Kaiser


Direct to Substrate Printer/Flatbed Printer

A machine that applies images directly to substrate surface. It would be the goal to be able to print on multiple substrate materials and thicknesses.

Current large format DTS/Flatbed printers are very expensive.

This smaller format printer I found on Amazon is still at the price point of $2,399.

Therefore, it would maybe be feasible to make a DIY version for a more accessible cost. One approach would involve the development of a CNC machine and print head end effector. (Zain Karsan's Tiny Z shown.)

For a tentative part list please see here . Part list is made from a similar project I found here.

I have chosen to start by trying to experiment with trying to get the HP6602 printhead to work on its own. I have chosen the HP6602 because I have found some sources and documentation on how it works to get started.

I have ordered 3 already to see if I can get them working, but I am still waiting on the printer head carriage before I try to use them.