Kimball Kaiser



Maryam and I are looking to build a TinyZ together as an excercise in machine building. It is a 3-axis CNC machine developed by Zain Karsan. The TinyZ was first designed to help supplement the lack of shop access under the current conditions of being a student at the moment. There is a series of documentation along with the TinyZ that Zain has so kindly put together. For example, see videos below:

TinyZ Assembly from Zain Karsan on Vimeo.

TinyZ Wiring from Zain Karsan on Vimeo.

The TinyZ is mostly comprised of aluminum framing, lead screws, hardware, and some 3d printed parts. This TinyZ shown here has a Dremel tool as an end effector to be used as a router.

The TinyZ is an in progress project that we hope to continue to work on throughout the semester. Therefore, we have gone through and created a parts list that has been updated to the current version of TinyZ. See our parts list here.

See Zain's current Rhino model here. At some point we might update our own 3d model.

Along with development on TinyZ, we hope to create a series of end effectors that can be applied to TinyZ for different uses.