HTGAA: Remote Lab Automation

Typically in HTGAA, we combine exciting lectures with extensive lab work to better understand the building blocks of synthetic biology. This year, in many ways, is different. While we cannot have students back in the lab just yet, we have come up with a novel approach that would hopefully give you a taste of molecular biology workflows and also learn about the trending field of lab automation.

As far as we know, this is one of the first attempts of hands-on, remote wet-lab education. We appreciate any feedback and suggestions, even during the weekly work.

We will be using the OpenTrons OT-2, and open-source, user-friendly lab automation robot.

This week, we will focus just on the mechanics of operating the OpenTrons remotely. The exercise involves using food dyes to create a pattern into a 96-well plate. While this isn't a conventional synthetic biology workflow, the same commands would allow you to later execute exercises involving enzymatic reactions such as PCR, Gibson Assembly and more.