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Assignment 1: 3d Rendering


We used Blender to render a 3 dimensional animation of what we imagine our final project might be.

I have an idea for Modular Sound Blocks, physical blocks that allow children and adults to design their own sounds and music with a tangible interface.



Here is a still from Blender. It shows

·        a block (which is a round blue donut) draped on

·        a block stand (which is a green cactus-like thing mounted on a

·        purple platform.







There are 3 inputs and 2 outputs on a block.


The blocks network together with USB plugs.



There are also special controller blocks.

These blocks have knobs, switches, and LED readouts.
















Here is a controller block connected to a sound block with a cable











Watch the animated video (High Bandwidth)







Watch the animated video (Medium Bandwidth)






 I enjoyed working with Blender. The online tutorials are good. Here are the links I used: (the Blender 2.0 quickstart chapter is the best place to start.) (good FAQ)




I’d also recommend exploring the animation tutorials more than I did. David Sach’s ginger bread man in his 3D rendering is from a tutorial. This would be the way I would go if I were to do it again.