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Plastics: The Injection Molder & The Vacuum Former


This 7th assignment we are to use the injection molder and the vacuum former.


Injection Molder:

·        There is a tutorial online somewhere.

·        Material is an a plastic bag. Various colors are available.

·        Add material to the bin in the back. Fill

·        Put in colored beads as you wish. It doesn’t need many for color.

·        Put in plate on base to purge system.

·        Recommended temperature settings: top: 260, middle: 260, bottom 300. Typically there sould be a 40-50 degree difference between the top & middle, and the bottom

·        The Black knob in the back adjusts pressure.

·        Purge material: press green START button

·        Engage carriage. Inject (a few seconds)

·        Extrude --- hold. This sucks in new material for the next injection. The piston should be turning and pulling up.

·        Bring carriage up and remove plate.

·        Purge 2X

·        Place mold in holders

·        Insert in machine. Line up injection holes. Spruce should be on right hand side.

·        Turn knob on right counterclockwise to lower pressure.

·        Auto:

1.      turn timers on

2.      adjust material with front black knob

·        Basic adjustments:

1.      Pressure

2.      Amount to extrude


I molded the top of a Legos block, which is a test block for my final Legatos project. Using the injection molder was a relatively small project compared to getting the block ready for the NC mill and getting the mill to successfully create the block. Pictures coming soon.


Vacuum Former:

·        Use PetG material

·        Peal off protective coating on both sides

·        Place items that you will mold over on the bed.

·        Lower bed.

·        Sandwich PetG between upper and lower plates (make sure 2 gaskets align) and lock

·        Put 6 heaters on full

·        Slide top over PetG material

·        Wait a few minutes until plastic drapes 1.5” or so

·        When ready, pull up and press MOULD

·        Press RELEASE after a few seconds


I formed around a few Legos blocks, to see if by any chance there would actually be enough accuracy to have the mold function as a Lego. Wishful thinking. But the mold works well to store Legos, and I will make more molds in the future to store my Legatos final project. Pictures coming soon.