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Stepper Motors



Assignment: Make/modify/ Neil’s stepper motor circuit.


Review and refinement of the assembling and loading procedure:


  • The Atmel assembler is called AVRA
  • AVRA is located in c:\Program files\AVRA.
  • UISP is located in c:\cygwin\usr\local\bin



It isn’t efficient to have the file included in every directory where I build code for the TINY15, so I

  • made a subdirectory from AVRA’s directory called include
  • copied into the new include subdirectory
  • made a batch file in AVRA’s directory called myavra.bat which has the line:
    • avra -I "\program files\AVRA\include" %1
  • so now, to assemble code, I just type myavra <filename>


It isn’t efficient to have to look up and type the long UISP command line, so I

  • made a batch file in my own created My Documents\bin directory called myuisp.bat which has the line
    • Uisp -dlpt=0x378 -dprog=dapa -dvoltage=3 -dt_sck=50 --erase --upload if=%1
  • so now to load code into an Atmel using ISP I just type myuisp <filename>