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Final Project Proposal


After taking several lectures of the Fab class, I have realized that my original project proposal doesn't cover the requirements of the course, so I decided to change into something more attractive, more personally fabricated, more funny, overall, more fab class.

I am planning to do a wireless music-modulated lamp. The inspiration was the winamp scope.




The aim of the project is to build a lamp that lights up depending on the music, to have a spectrum analyzer, so each band of the spectrum analyzer maps into each level of the lamp, and the color depends on the intensity of that band.

I am planning to build a transceiver from a computer serial port, so data is sent from the computer to the serial port, and wirelessly transmited by FM waves into the lamp, which has a receiver. This two parts can be implemented through a microcontroller with a radio module in it.



The microcontroller used for this task was the Atmel ATTiny26, which is going to be used to translate information from the computer

The radio part was using the Linx technologies, RXM-433 and TXM-433, operating at 433MHz, using FSK modulation and operating at 9600bps.

The case of the lamp can consist on several transparent plastic discs with holes inside it for placing color leds.


Here is a photograph of the board in its initial stages.


Almost turning on all lights!!!


Another shoot of the board...


Transmitter in debugging mode (sending plain characters).

The receiver board



Some videos

video 1

video 2

video 3




-XMMS plugin

-TX & RX code as well as boards