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MAS.863 How to make almost everything 


Blending ideas
Cutting fun
Say Hello
3D Madness
Making a car (1)
Making a car (2)
Vaccum Forming

Final Project

Make tracks as wide as possible.
Treat your vynil cut circuit with care.
Chemical etching rocks!!!


How many times you are bored of the song that is playing in the XMMS and you are very lazy to find the window that is playing??? Well, I have the solution, build your own hardware button.


This week assignment was to use the Microcontroller to sense touch, and output it through the serial port.

After dealing hours with the vynil cutter, I could build a circuit, that worked for a while, and until I realized it was very fragile to work with. Then I was convinced to use the chemical etching machine.



I used python-xmms to control xmms with the button.