Tips & Tricks

Photograph / Documenting

Macro Ring LED Light – This gets you a nice even lights, when you don’t have nice cloudily day to diffuse your light source.

Turn your WordPress to One Big Flat zip file

Install wordpress on your local host if you don’t have a server

Good WordPress plugin and settings

AJAX Thumbnail Rebuild – Rebuilds the thumbnails on the site.
Default Image Link – Helps you to reduce the site file size by making linking images to the source to “none” by default.

MODELA MDX-20 – Connection Issue

If you can’t move the drill head and getting the “cannot open /dev/ttyS0: Permission denied with
#2 MODELA MDX-20 in east lab (media lab).

Please open terminal and type in
sudo gpasswd –add fab dialout

Mercurial Installation

#1 Install Homebrew to install Mercuroal
ruby -e “$(curl -fsSL”

#2 Install Mercuroal
$ brew install mercurial
#3 Download all keys from professor Gershenfeld to your downloads folder.
mkdir ~/.ssh
mv ~/Downloads/classes.txt ~/Downloads/classes (might be necessary)
mv ~/Downloads/classes ~/.ssh
mv ~/Downloads/ ~/.ssh
sudo chmod 600 ~/.ssh/classes
echo -en “host\nport 846″ > ~/.ssh/config
#4 Set local file directory
mkdir ~/Desktop/Archive
hg clone -e “ssh -i ~/.ssh/classes” ssh:// ~/Desktop/Archive

Change to your name and email address, then paste the entire line into the terminal:
echo -en “\n\n[ui]\nusername = First Last <>\nssh = ssh -i ~/.ssh/classes -C\n\n[extensions]\nconvert =\nfetch =\n\n[hooks]\n\nchangegroup = hg update >&2″ >> ~/Desktop/Archive/.hg/hgrc

Pull and Push with Mercurial

hg pull
hg update
hg add .
hg commit -m “adding this file”
hg push