Week 1 Final Project Proposal

Hack. Make. Design. Create. Fabricate.

The Foldable Scooter

The Foldable Scooter will be convenient and portable and will allow people to move easily from point to point in short distances of less than 5 miles. The scooter will be engine-powered but key parts of the scooter will be foldable, allowing for easy storage and transportation. The scooter will also be light and easy to use. I envision the scooter to be similar to a segway where you will be able to jump on it and scoot around!

  • Name: The Foldable Scooter
  • Place created: MIT Media Lab
  • Purpose: Move from Point A to B
  • Year Created: 2014

Project 01a
The Foldable Scooter will be cool, affordable, convenient and light. Different from the usual segway, scooter or bicycle, the Foldable Scooter will be much more convenient than any of the options as it will can be easily folded into a small bag that can be carried around conveniently. Yet, it is also powerful enough to transport a person from point to point in a quick, effective and safe manner.
Project 01b
As discussed, the Foldable Scooter will be able to collapse into a small bag which the user can use to bring from point to point. For example, if I am going to MIT for class, I can just collapse the Foldable Scooter into a small bag and bring it with me into the MIT Media Lab and put it under my seat in the classroom E14-633. Once class is finished, I can re-open the scooter and easily turn it on and use it to ferry me back home!
Project 01c
This is the design of the Foldable Scooter which I envision. It is still under design and I am still trying to brain storm on how to make the scooter compact, easy to use, and light enough to be brough from one point to another. I believe that by trying to make the handle and stick which the user will use foldable, it will help the user to pack the scooter easily into a more compact shape which can then be possibly placed into a bag.
Project 01c
This is Foldable Scooter when it is standing. I had a problem of getting to school from where I am staying at Brookline, MA, as it takes around 20 minutes for me to cycle from home to Harvard. It takes me around 15 minutes to cycle from Harvard to MIT, and another 15 minutes back home. This is my usual schedule as I am taking classes at both Harvard and MIT. With this invention, I hope to be able get from place to place quickly and effortlessly!