Week 2 Fit Bit Laser Cutting

Hack. Make. Design. Create. Fabricate.

The Laptop Stand

The Laptop Stand was designed as a simple tool for people who may like to create a cheap and easy to use laptop stand to facilitate them doing work. No more cramps or pain on your wrists from bending over to type on your laptop. It is easy to use, cheap, and best of all, it's light enough to be brought around with your laptop anywhere you want! It is also sturdy and wide enough to hold most kinds of laptop ranging from your Macbook Pro 15" to a compact Dell laptop.

  • Name: The Laptop Stand
  • Place created: MIT Media Lab
  • Purpose: To prop up your precious laptop
  • Year Created: 2014

Project 01a
The laser cutter is actually a very versatile tool and very easy to use. It is my first time using it and I was a bit worried about it. However, reaching out to my friends made it easier. Ling Li from the School of Design kindly offered us to come to her school to use the laser cutter there and even taught us how to use it!
Project 01b
The first step I took was to actually hand draw my design. I wanted to do a simple design as I do not have much background in fabrication and design. I firstly used paper, pencil and ruler to draw exactly the size of the design I wanted. I also wrote down measurements for each of the sides of the drawings. Once I had a finalized drawing, I used AutoCAD to start drawing and to input the drawing in. For people who are using AutoCAD for the first time, do not worry, it was very easy for me! (a total beginner, so it should be easy for you too) I next simply used a laster cuter to cut out the drawing based on what I had conceptualized.
Project 01c
After laser cutting, I actually had to re-iterate a couple of times before I got the accurate dimensions. I had a rough idea of how long and wide each side of the laptop stand should be, but I was not so sure. After cutting the first time, I next went on to re-iterate and hence came up with the correct dimensions needed. Some form of trial and error is definitely needed when using laser cutting and fit bit as you are not sure whether each end of the fit bit will fit perfectly (in my case they did not and i had to re-adjust). I also used the paper cutter which you will see in the picture to actually make some slight adjustments. That was helpful too!
Project 01c
The laptop stand is compact, light, and easy to move around. It will easily hold up any laptop ranging from a heavy Macbook Pro 15" to a light dell or Macbook Air. I have tried to use this prototype several times, and it always worked very well. It will also fit snugly into your laptop sleeve or case because it is so light, so I would highly recommend it to anyone who is on the go, but always will require a sturdy laptopl stand to prop up your laptop when you are doing work!
Project 01c
Here this is - the sturdy, compact and light laptop stand! I have been using it everyday since I made it and it has been holding up very well!