Week 8 Electronics Programming

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Electronics Programming

This week we working on electronics programming. Building off what we had learnt about PCBs in the previous weeks, we started to learn to use the PCB board to program it to do simple tasks, such as lighting up an LED light, or several LED lights.

  • Name: Composites
  • Place created: MIT Media Lab
  • Purpose: To program our hardware
  • Year Created: 2014

Project 01a
There were some problems with my PCB that I built two weeks back so I had to redesign my PCB using eagle and so here's the new PCB board!
Project 01b
Here we are working on programming the PCB
Project 01c
More pictures!
Project 01c
I learned the skill of using the voltmeter to test whether or not the two ends that I soldered on actually works. I like to turn it to the "sound mode", and then use that to test.
Project 01c
Another good device to test. If the light turns green, then it is good!