Nico Fine

Nico is a senior at MIT studying mechanical engineering. His fabrication background started quite early with some basic woodworking in his garage at home. When he entered high school, he started learning Autdesk Invenventor and working with a 3D printer to do rapid prototyping, and quickly developed to the current full extent of his electronics experience.

During the summer after his sophomore year, he combined woodworkin and electronics experince with his hobby as a guitarist to make his first electric guitar, shown below. By the end of his Jr. year of highschool, he'd built another, a ukulele out of PVC piping and acrylic, and a bass guitar.

Since then, he's developed his fabrication expereince further, taking night classes for welding, and receiving training from a number of MIT shops. Eventually he has gained competancy in MIG, TIG, SMAW, and OAC, Mill work, Lathe work, injection moulding, and the RPL KUKA arm.

He's enjoying his time in the class and apologizes for uploading the huge test file...