FabISP 2015


A FabISP Programmer.

Based on Valentin's design.


This week's assignment was to make a FabISP in-circuit programmer using the Roland Modela CNC machine. The Modela is an old friend of mine, and have spent so much time and tears with it in the past. Using CBA's FabModules made the whole process a lot easier and was able to CNC the board in about 20 min. All I had to do was to load up the Valentin board design, then input the correct settings, set the correct bit, place the board on the sacrificial plate, align the bit to the lower left side of the PCB, and hit send to the CNC Perhaps slightly simplified, but thats it!

I then populated the board with SMD electronics and soldered them.

credit: basheer tome (i forgot to take my own assembled pictured so I borrowed basheer's)

Lastly, I wanted to make a case for the fabISP, so I laser cut a series of cutouts in shape of the PCB, then glued them together.