Valentin learns how to make:

--> a final idea ;-)
--> a Press-fit Construction Kit a rocked!
--> a USB - Microchipprogrammer
--> something big
--> a mold
--> a game based on a button and two leds
--> something that dose not fit in the printer, it got printed with
--> something for the refrigerator with sensors
--> The Earthquake-Pen!
--> Frequenz-Modulation for the Earthquake-Pen!
--> Update final project
--> something that feels the distance
--> The Earthquake-Pen DELUX 2000


I got inspired by Andy Bardagjy to add the USBonPCB idea to my design as well.
The Sparkfun library looked very much useful for all such things.

The idea of this modification is, that the design should be useable without any past assembly soldering.

Being new, the USB dose not work and the firmware need to be written to the attiny.
Therefore the USB connector is blocked and the ISP is in programing mode.

Once the ISP has its firmware, the USB blocking can be snaped of and all circuits needed for
programming are gone too.
The board is now a USB-ISP device.

I like the story of unrepeatable lifecycle in here.

There is also a little hole in the board so you can attach it to your desk, cause small things get lost so easily.

circuit, cutout, assembly