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0. Conception

As a bonus project, and a prelude ot my final project design, I used the equipment and techniques I've learned from this class to make a Halloween costume! The group theme for this year was Game of Thrones, and so I decided to go with Jamie Lanniester. Specifically I wanted to make armor, and I thought his Kingsguard armor would be fairly recognizable for people who have watched the show. I also made a crown for my friend, who was being King Joffrey. I also though that if I had time I could try molding and casting his golden hand, but I didn't end up getting it together.

Initially I wanted to cast the costume for the molding and casting week, but I realized the complexities and time involved in doing this would be too great, and so I decided to go back to the laser-cutter and make a good-old cardboard costume. That said, I would definintely like to do some casted components for my actual final project.

Jamie Lannister in Kingsguard armor, no helm. Single paper with drawn shapes, list of parts and features.
A pensive Jamie Lannister. Kingsguard armor.