Ryan Robinson

Learning from the Bottom Up.


Hi! My name is Ryan. This website you're on is an online notebook to document my progress in a class called 'How to Make (Almost) Anything.'

In this notebook, I will outline each week. And each week you will see the (i) the assignment (ii) the challenges I faced during the week (iii) lessons I learned and (iv) things I'm looking forward to in future weeks.

Final Project Proposal

Fall 2016

I want to create something that has an element of nature to it. I want to build something with hydroponics

Week 3 is the New Week 1

Fall 2016

Learning a lot in a little time. And Almost making some cool circuit boards in the process

Week 4: The One Ring (or two or three)

Fall 2016

This week I wanted to make something that is both common and unique, something small yet something valuable. So I decided to create a ring.