Week twelve: interface and application programming

Processing terminal

Since I managed to kill both my input and output boards before this week, I had to do interface programming on my original board from embedded programming week. I decided to create a terminal in Processing Python. It was funny working with Processing's incessantly running draw loop. Essentially it means that my program is constantly redrawing itself, so it makes the application a bit slow. All-in-all it came out very good.
Unfortunately, this week doesn't have lots of exciting pictures. It was justa programming assignment. I never used processing before, but always wanted to. So this was cool in that respect.

I also wanted to create a game like Storm Stopper, where you spin a wheel and press a button to stop it and get the most points. However, the software-implemented serial on the board (from embedded programming week) was lagging. While the board did fine when it was reading and writing to serial, it had a hard time only writing. The output would come very delayed which made this not so useful for making a reflex game. I decided to let this project go and work on my final project instead.