Week 1: Final Project Sketch

For my final project, I plan to make a large (~2 meter wingspan) RC glider capable of serving as an FPV / aerial video platform.

I’ve made a quadcopter before, so I have some experience with building RC vehicles:

Even though I built the quadcopter myself from parts, it wasn’t from scratch. I used an off-the-shelf injection-molded frame, and I used an off-the-shelf flight controller that runs open source software.

For the glider, I plan to do much more from scratch. I plan on buying a motor, servos, a video camera, a radio receiver, and a radio transmitter. I want to construct the airframe by hand, and I want to design and build my own flight controller and program it myself. I’m also going to look into designing and fabricating my own propeller, which I would like to do if possible.