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Metamachines: Machines that Make Machines

I was actually excited for this week, because Neil had built up the hype since the beginning, and Nadya was the 41W GRT last year! However, a wave of apathy hit our section, and we didn't end up doing much beyond making the actual machines.

  • Technology: EVERYTHING
  • Week: 13

We had many many cooks in the kitchen, probably since we were the last group. However, that did not help with group apathy :/ We split into three teams: ME (making the cardboard and assembling the pieces), EE (milling and soldering one of the boards) and CS (programming an interface in mods). I ended up working on the EE part of the project, because my final project was so EE heavy I surprisingly found myself most comfortable with the EE side of things, which rarely ever happens! Well, that's one personal goal out of the way!

Here have some pictures