How Amira Learned to Make [Almost] Anything
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About Amira


Harvard GSD

MDes Technology


I am a Master in Design Studies in Technology student at Harvard GSD. My background is in architecture and computer science, and before coming to here, and I worked for a year as a computational designer in an architectural firm as well as a teaching assistant in both departments of architecture and computer science at the American University in Cairo.

Throughout the past year I have been working on projects that attempt to embed intelligence in buildings in both material and space. The former is by researching and designing new passive smart materials that can be used in the building industry as facade systems and potentially large scale roofs and structures that respond to the surrounding context. The latter is by creating a user interactive environment adopting advanced tracking and sensing methods and visualizing them using projection mapping, virtual and augmented reality.

Learning by Making

I am a lucky participant of Neil Gershenfeld's "How to Make (Almost) Anything" course at MIT.
Below is the documentation of the class weekly inventions.

Computer Aided Design

Week 1


Week 2

Electronics Produciton

Week 3

3D Scanning & 3D Printing

Week 4

Electronics Design

Week 5

Computer Controlled Machines

Week 6

Embedded Programming

Week 7

Molding & Casting

Week 8

Input Devices

Week 9


Week 10

Output Devices

Week 11

Interface Programming

Week 12


Weeks 13

Modular Machines

Group Project, Weeks 14

Final Project In Progress

Weeks 1-14