Matt Groh

Input Devices

How hot? Here's a how-to on milling, soldering, and programming a device to measure temperature. We take the initial schematic and transform it into traces and outlines. Then, we mill.

Milling -- 3rd time is a charm this week! First mistake was a random error that didn't cut properly. Second mistake was messing up the desoldering and ripping up the copper.

Soldering -- 2nd time is a charm this week! I accidentally ripped up copper when trying to desolder the AT Tiny 45.


mkdir stuff && cd stuff
mkdir thermistor && cd thermistor
curl > hello.temp.45.c
curl > makefile
make program-avrisp2

Next, download the python file , figure out what port your newly milled and solder device is connected (by tabbing ls /dev/cu. in the terminal), and run the python script.

conda create --name hotness
source activate hotness
conda install numpy
conda install pyserial
python /dev/cu.usbserial-FTAP8OVL

Et voila!