Motion Control

This week , we were challenged to make our machine mechanisms move. I was thankful for the opportunity to focus on being able to move fabinabox using Ilan and Nadya's gestalt framework. Morris had taken lead on this for our motion implementation during our Girls Day demo at the Museum, so it was my turn to get it to run on Mac instead of on Linux.
First, I made sure that my gestalt framework was working by successfully activating our fabinabox with the gestalt framework from the Modular Machines that Make exercise.

Then I went to the source folder where Nadya shared the gestalt files to get the GUI running and be able to jog the machine. Morris had only been successful in doing this from a virtual Linux machine on his windows, so we tried to have it run on my Mac. I was prompted to get wxPython:

Unfortunately, it seems I'm having gestalt node troubles, eventhough it was just running on the mMTM exercise.

More to come soon, since the good hope is that this has to run at some point!