What is it?

Coupled Kinematics

Independent Kinematics

What does it do?

Each individual wall is a CoreXY, a technique used to provide cartesian motion with (mostly) parallel kinematics. CoreXY^2 takes it a step further, and utilizes CoreXY as dual axis modular cores to build machines in multiple configurations.

Components Needed

The necessary components to build 1 CoreXY system

The necessary components to run and control 1 CoreXY system

How to assemble it

You need at least 3 basic building blocks (CoreXY systems), L-brackets for any interfaces, a wooden base board, choice of base plate, Gestalt Nodes and choice of end effector.

1. Start with a base board

2. Add gestalt nodes. Mount on CoreXY into the slit.

3. Add a second CoreXY. Oh yeah!

4. Screw the L-brackets on. Sexy!

5. Mount the top CoreXY. Boom.

6. Add a base plate for your material. Woo hoo!

Taa Daa!