What's New

04 Mar 01 Design Description

04 Feb 17: Threshold Switching Behavior

04 Feb 09: Micro-Liquid Deposition FRDPARRC Idea Development

Relevant Fab Experience

  • Lithography Processing
  • Wet Bench Work
  • RIE
  • E-beam Deposition
  • RF Sputtering
  • MBE Growth
  • Oxidation
  • SEM Microscopy

Prior Shop/Lab Certifications

  • Basic Chemical Hygiene
  • MTL User Lab Training
  • Hazardous Waste Management Training
  • HF Training

Interest in Taking the Class

I look to benefit from the collective knowledge pooled together from the various disciplines involved with this course. This garnered brain trust will then help me to think more creatively, logically, and on a holistic scope when I undertake current and future project.

Institutional Status

PhD Graduate Student


Molecular Beam Epitaxy III-V Materials & Photonic Device