Juki 1541-7 Industrial Sewing Machine


Full instructions for operation and maintenance of the 1541-7 can be found in the manual. These procedures include:

For questions relating to function parameters (e.g., number of closing stitches before trimming, etc.), refer to this manual for the motor and controller.

Quick Tips

The operating air pressure is 0.45 to 0.5 MPa.

Apply several drops of lubricant before each use.

Turn this on before use. Turn this off after use.

This is how the machine should be threaded.

This is how the need should be threaded. This machine is equipped with automated thread trimming, so rethreading the needle should be infrequent.

Use this to change stitch length (units are mm).

Use this to change walking foot height (units are mm).

Use the bottom two knobs to adjust needle thread tension -- counterclockwise to lower tension, clockwise to increase it. Use the top knob to adjust the length of top thread after trimming -- counterclockwise for longer, clockwise for shorter.