Xin Wen

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Computer-Aided Design

getting into each other's head

1. Final Project Idea
2. Modeling Final Project Idea

This week's assignment was to model a possible final project with 2D or 3D computer-aided design tools.

Tools used: illustrator, Rhino.

1. Final Project Idea

I really liked the Disney animation Inside Out because it was a very powerful way discussion about how to understand, manage, and enrich our emotions. Also, as an engineer, I was fascinated by the mechanism of the headquarter. So I wanted to make a physical version of the headquarter that people can store and retrive a physcial object that stores their memories as stories and biometric information when they were telling the stories.

In addition, I was interested in having not just the storyteller but other people to access the memories as a way to understand each other's emotions. I was inspired by Candy Chang's installation Confessions. So I was thinking about making a confession booth like the headquarter that everyone can access -- a collective headquarter!

Figure 1. Confession booth.
2. Modeling Final Project Idea

The portable confession booth I conceived was pretty simply - just a box you can put over your head and I modeled it in Rhino.

Figure 2. Modeling the booth.