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SOFTWARE: Progress



design & user experience

draw mode

One UI concept we explore is the idea of drawing the outline with a line and revolving around it to create the lathe 3D form for the apple. This would be simple and intuitive for the user to create a custom shape based on a very simple geometric input.

sculpt mode

We also discussed a real time sculpting tool. Giving the user a digital chisel and showing the revolving machine and use this to let the user sculpt the apple on the fly. It would be a more demanding task from a UX point of view but makes the process more dynamic. Here the user starts with a stock and pokes it around with the chisel until getting to a desired form.

import mode

The other idea was to use a 3D import of a model (obj format) and use that as the final result. The UI would project the final result in the stock and show the user how much it would need to carve.

engrave mode

Lastly we explored the idea of engraving where users could import a 2D graphic and attach it to the apple surface like a decal and specify the depth of cut.

final design elements

We divided the UI in different section for actions, canvas and parameters.
We created a family of icons for the different actions that can be taken with the machine.

We created a brand logo for the machine and a (new) logo for CBA.